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I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that most everyone likes to see a white smile! Keeping your teeth white can be very expensive, and not always very healthy. I have figured out how to keep my pearly whites looking good while using 2 ingredients that help keep my body clean as well.

You need: Activated Charcoal Powder and 100% Pure Coconut Oil. How will this whiten my teeth, you might ask? This doesn’t actually bleach your teeth like other teeth whiteners do. Our teeth are porous, because of this the teeth end up getting gunk built up in the pours and when we eat foods that are dark in color, foods that tend to stain, it colors the stuff that is stuck in the pours. What the charcoal does is it extracts the toxins and stuff that is stuck in the pours, which actually makes your teeth not only whiter but cleaner. The coconut oil is used often in oil pulling, which is the same concept of pulling toxins out of your teeth.

I have noticed that if I haven’t done this for awhile, my teeth sometimes get calculus built up some on the bottom and inside parts of my teeth. After doing this once a day for a few days, the calculus is gone and makes my teeth feel smooth and clean. I just love it!

Ok, so here’s how to do it.

1/2 tsp – Charcoal Powder. If you don’t know where to buy charcoal, you can get some here.


Then take 1 tsp – Coconut Oil. You can also get Coconut Oil here.


Then mix this up, until it’s well blended. It works better with a small spatula.


Once it’s mix up, put it in your mouth and swish, swish, SWISH! You can do this up to 20 minutes. You don’t want to do it past 20 minutes because since this pulls toxins out of your teeth, you will end up having a fair amount of toxins in your mouth after 20 minutes. If you keep it in longer than that, you can end up reabsorbing some of the toxins, which makes this counterproductive.

When you’re done, spit it out! BUT, don’t spit it in the sink or in the toilet, because when the oil cools down it will clump up in your drains and that wouldn’t be fun to clean out. Spit it out outside, then rinse your mouth out with warm water.

You can do this everyday until you get the desired whiteness.. or you can just do it everyday. It is incredibly healthy for your body as well as your mouth. 😊

Then, Smile! There’s a lot to smile about 😃


Thecla Westerbeck

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  1. Moni Dominic Posted on January 30, 2017 at 05:55

    When I went to India, my friend gave me some charcoal powder to brush my teeth and I have been using that for 4 months. Now I can add the coconut oil and try. I will start from tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

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