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Life is in the blood

The Life is in the Blood

Approximately 6 years ago I decided to go for a plant-based diet, and almost a year ago that my husband and I started to include more vegetables (juices and salads) in our diet in order to have a richer and balanced diet.If you ask me why? I would say: The Bible says that life is…

Healthy Homemade Deodorants

Body odor (B.O.) can be bad stuff and of course, we want to do what it takes to mask the smell. I haven’t used “normal” deodorant for several years, because of the chemicals commonly found in them. Antiperspirant deodorants have aluminum in it which plugs the sweat ducts which prevents you from sweating. Part of the problem with this…

How I get White Teeth Naturally, with 2 Ingredients!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that most everyone likes to see a white smile! Keeping your teeth white can be very expensive, and not always very healthy. I have figured out how to keep my pearly whites looking good while using 2 ingredients that help keep my body clean as well. You need:…